Tinting Your Car Can Be a Great Deal This Summer

There is really no definite best or worst time for car tinting. For most car owners, anytime their car window films start to peel makes for a good time to consider reworking their tint. This states, it is not uncommon to see greater demand for auto tinting services during the summer season, when the weather can get unbearably warm and the sun can be quite unforgiving. It is also a popular time for holidays, making long road trips more frequent and the need for a more comfortable vehicle, more fervent. This demand also results in greater deals offered by car tinting companies and shops that sell and install tinting films.

Updating your car’s window tint can be beneficial not only for aesthetic, but also for comfort and other practical purposes. Window films not only help keep sunlight and glare from directly hitting the eyes—they also help protect car occupants from the heat and the harmful UV radiation coming from the sun and warming up the car’s interior. The right window film also helps strengthen windows and windshields, reducing the risk of impact damage and theft. Darker tints also increase your car’s privacy and serve as a great deterrents for thieves.

Professional car tinting is an excellent investment for your car’s safety, comfort, and style. While the summer season is a good time to have your car windows tinted, auto tinting is a year-round service you can get anytime your car needs an upgrade. Seasons with lower humidity levels also make ideal times for installing window films as they help ensure proper adhesion. Summer’s hot air, on the other hand, help tints to cure faster, although installation can be a bit of a challenge because of the high humidity. However, shops that install car films in climate-controlled environments never have to deal with these issues, making car tinting possible any time of the year.


Some Car Accessories to Add Style and Class to Your Ride

Car owners treat their vehicles as an extension of themselves, picking out models and makes that reflect their taste, personality, and style, on the top of fulfilling their transport needs. The same principles apply to sprucing up a car with some nice add-ons to enhance its style and functionality. Car accessories are great tools for reinventing your car and making it your own and below are incredible options you can choose from to add spunk to your vehicle:

  • Ditch your in-built stereo system for something more suited to your discerning music taste and built for the digital age. A digital upgrade to your sound system might just be to level up your car needs and make it more in-style. Digital-ready car audio systems are among the most in-demand car accessories today, providing users with multiple ways to plug in or connect their digital devices so as to access their favorite music, podcasts, and entertainment via their car’s dashboard system. Not only do digital-ready car audio systems make connectivity easier, they also eliminate all the clutter caused by outdated sound systems.
  • A dashboard organizer is also one of the most practical car accessories you can invest in, especially when you like keeping things in sight while driving. Dashboard grip pads and similar types of products are great accessories one can have for keeping your phone, keys, loose change, and papers securely in place on your dashboard while driving.
  • Once that new car smell dissipates, you are often left with unwanted odors that are often difficult to find the source of. Instead of masking them with funky air fresheners, why not choose one that helps eliminate odors by absorbing them? Modern car air fresheners offer this option so you can say goodbye to foul smells for good and reclaim that new car freshness everyone loves. Nothing says style and class better than a great-smelling car.


A tracking device enables you to locate your vehicles or any other assets and ensure its safety in an effective manner. There are several tracking devices available in the market and it may seem to you that all the devices perform the same function of locating your vehicle. Yes, it is true, but a quality and efficient tracking device can make a lot more difference with its enhanced features that make the whole tracking process simpler and hazel free. One such device is the Tramigo tracking device that takes pride in its excellent features and the benefits it yields the user. Hence here is the insight of a tracking device from Tramigo.

As other tracking devices, Tramigo also helps you to locate your vehicle through GPS location and set alarms for speed, geofencing or motion detection. The uniqueness of the device lies in the fact that it has some features that are very much user-friendly. Tramigo trackers can be accessed anywhere at any time, even without an internet connection. This is made possible by providing you with complete mobile software, where you receive SMS regarding the updates on the tracking function to your mobile phone, even in the void of the internet. Most of the tracking device comes with the poor user interface, providing complicated commands for merely fetching a location, while you can receive simple texts in the language of your choice regarding the location using Tramigo. The most exclusive feature of this tracking device is that it uses the TLD landmarks that enables the translation of GPS coordinates to the location name that you can easily understand and communicate too. Thus, wholly satisfying the concept of user-friendliness.

Tramigo is renowned for its reliability and aftermarket support providing 24 hours customer support like no other manufacturers. Moreover, it does not burden you with monthly charges or license payments, the only amount incurred by you would be that of the mobile operator’s normal price for SMS or GPRS data sent. These salient features make Tramigo undoubtedly the best and the most effective tracking device.

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A car stereo occupies the centrepiece of a car’s audio system and holds a large part in building the interior look of your car. This makes it significant to choose a dashing stereo with a complete package of useful features. There are many stereo options available in the market nowadays, but the quality and advanced set up like the Kenwood car stereo will take your whole experience to a new level. So, to make your car ride a better and pleasurable one, a Kenwood car stereo is all your car need.

We know that the basic function of any stereo is to play radio and CDs, but with the development of the technology, there are many enhanced features that are now added to this simple system. The Kenwood car stereo allows you to connect your phone, iPod, any Bluetooth device or SD card to it, helping you to access to an unlimited number of songs on the go. It showcases a built-in 7-inch LCD that gives the privilege to watch DVD movies and other videos. We are aware of the consequences of talking over phone while driving and this forces us to avoid phone conversations while driving. However, in case of important and emergency calls, the built-in Bluetooth and touchscreen controls of this stereo aid you in making phone calls and hands-free conversations.

Apart from these, the Kenwood car stereo also extends its features by adding GPS navigation to the system. This feature guides you with accurate directions to your destination making your travel haze-free. Taking it further, the unit is also provided with a rear camera that acts as a backup cam to your car; however, an additional adapter is required for this. The unit also stands high regarding durability and affordability considering all the expanded features. All these exciting features make the Kenwood car stereo undoubtedly the best car stereo available in the market.

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Every window requires tinting is when you live in the Philippines

Philippines or Republic of the Philippines is the Southeastern Asian country situated in the western Pacific Ocean. Due to its proximity to the equator, the climate of the Philippines is characterized by relatively high temperature, oppressive humidity and plenty of rainfall.

Throughout the year, Philippines experiences bright and blazing hot climate making it vulnerable to damage caused by the sun’s UV rays. It also makes tinted window essential in the country. An effective window tint Philippines can block the ultraviolet rays up to 99%. This helps in preventing damages to your health and even to your furnishings to the house like furniture, curtains, walls, and décor. Untinted or unprotected windows in your home, workplace and car could lead too much of sunshine to enter in your premise and start heating up the surroundings. With constant heating, the efficiency of the air-conditioning system might also go down. The tinted window can act as the first line of defence against any damage caused to your health that is directly associated with heat.

The temperature in the Philippines is to go high in months of summer. According to the report of PAGASA (Philippine Atmospheric, Geophysical, and Astronomical Services Administration), Metro Manila’s heat index peaked at 40 degrees Celsius at 2 PM on 2 June 2017. The city like Metro Cebu and another business district often experience the level of temperature.

Due to the window tint Philippines heat bounces off the ground and reflects on the surface of the residential house or commercial buildings, it makes the insides warmer. This could lead to serious health problems.

The Philippine also experience untimely typhoons every year which has an adverse effect on both and residential and commercial sector of the country. The amount of heat which enters the house can be reduced with the help of tinted windows installed in homes, office and even in cars.

It is expected that due climate changes the upcoming years are going to get warmer.  The climate change situation would make window tinting much more important in the Philippines. Apart from the reducing effect of the UV rays, the window tint Philippines can also help in providing privacy to your establishment.

The Philippines also experiences untimely typhoons every year which has an adverse effect on both and residential and commercial sector of the country. With typhoons, floods and high winds tinted window can act as a shield as the window don’t break in due the films hold all the broken pieces together.

So, to get protection from all these climatic effects, it is best to get your windows tinted and enjoy the insides of your house.

Content Source – http://www.lawindowfilms.com/every-window-requires-tinting-live-philippines/

How to Find the Outstanding Car Sound System for Your Car

Your car may already have a factory stereo, but that does not mean you cannot make improvements or completely overhaul it. In fact, if you are serious about the quality and sound of the music that you love, you will find that upgrading your car sound system can be a great investment in the long run. It can go a long way when you are on road trips, driving to work, or stuck in traffic. However, it takes a bit of effort and some research to find an outstanding car sound system for your car. Here are some tips to make it easier:

  • Take note of what you need – How do like your sound? Do you want to feel like you are in a concert? Do you want more bass? These are some of the questions that need answering, so you can figure out your personal preferences in sound quality. Once you know what you want and need, you can easily pick a car sound system that can deliver the high-quality sound that suits your preferences.
  • Choose the right speakers – There are many different speaker models out there but consider looking into well-known brands like Kenwood and JBL. Look up them up and read reviews about their products. Consider factors like RMS sensitivity, impendence, frequency range, power handling, and the build materials.
  • Take note of your car’s build and design – Knowing those factors will make it easier to determine the kind of speakers that are right for your vehicle. For instance, the mounting location can help you decide whether to go for 6.5 or 6 x 9 units or full-range or coaxial speakers. Rear deck speakers are often great with 6.5-inch units, and 6 x 9-inch units go well with front car door speakers.
  • Pick the right receiver – Your choice may depend on the speakers that you chose for your car sound system. Modern high-end receivers come with features like satellite radio, Bluetooth connectivity, and a touchscreen.
  • Other things to consider – Component speakers may be needed if you want to add more realism to the sound that will come from your car sound system. If you want to add new components later, consider a multiple channel amplifier, an external device that offers more flexibility. You will need to find a high-quality sub-woofer for high-quality bass, too.

Content Source – http://www.lacaraccessories.com/blog/116-how-to-find-the-outstanding-car-sound-system-for-your-car.html

How to Find the Best Car Tinting Service That Lasts Long

Your car may come with factory tints on its windows, but they may not be sufficient in providing privacy, security, and safety to you and your vehicle. In that case, you have the option to look for a reputable car tinting service to apply high-quality window tints that will last long. You can consider tints that will offer the right amount of privacy while ensuring visibility and protection from harmful UV rays. Certain tints can help with your car’s insulation, too. With the right service provider and high-quality tints, you can minimise the need for rework and save money in the long run. Here are some tips to find the best car tinting service:

  • Learn about it – Make sure it is provided by a trustworthy company that specialises in car tinting and automotive services. Look them up and read customer feedback and testimonials to get to know the quality of their service. Consider a car tinting service has its pollution- and dust-controlled facility—one that is air-conditioned and clean to prevent application problems. Consider a company that has a while-you-wait service, too, so you do not have to leave your car overnight or for a long time to have it tinted.
  • Get to know the types of car tints available – Service providers carry a range of high-quality tints from well-known brands. You can choose from ceramic, metalized, hybrid, or dyed films. Ceramic tint helps keep heat out of the car to prevent the interior from overheating, without obstructing satellite signals. Metalized film provides a metallic finish that adds a luxurious touch to the vehicle while preventing UV light from causing damage to your skin and eyes. The dyed film uses a dye during adhesion. The hybrid film can be a mix of some or all the features of other tints, making it a good option if you want a custom window tint that will provide the finish that you want.
  • Compare prices – Once you have set a budget for the car tinting service, get an estimate and compare the prices of their tints and the work to be done. Keep in mind that costs may vary depending on vehicle make and model, too.

Content Source – http://www.lacaraccessories.com/blog/115-how-to-find-the-best-car-tinting-service-that-lasts-long.html