You slowly try and squeeze your car inch by inch into a cramped space, trying to control your nervousness and praying to God that you don’t mess things up. But suddenly the sickening crunch sound of metal scraping against metal reaches your ears. Your heart sinks. Your hands shake. You have just sideswiped another car and are now stuck in a bad position that you cannot pull out of without rendering further damage to both cars.

But if you only had a parking sensor system installed in your vehicle just now! It would have alerted you to the impending collision way before it happened – It’s a situation that even the best drivers have experienced at least one time since they started driving. People do say that for a skilled driver, managing a tough parking spot is like cakewalk. But for the rest of the people who aren’t as adept at handling the steering wheel yet, the situation can become a nightmare. Parking sensor systems can help you master this skill and improve your parking abilities while ensuring you don’t run into trouble. Now that’s a smart gadget that you must get!

Cities are becoming more and more crowded with each passing day. Space constraints are getting so bad these days that finding a good parking space can feel like you have struck real-estate gold! Having a parking sensor system is like having an extra pair of eyes at the back of your car. As soon as you put your car in reverse, this simple piece of tech gets activated and scans the entire vicinity of your automobile, alerting you their proximity and the chances of a collision. And with such smart and reliable guidance, you get a chance to safely park your car in just about any space without running the risk of denting or scratching it in the process.

Every newbie driver should consider getting a parking sensor system installed in their cars. Not only is it a handy safety device, it also protects you against the headaches of having to deal with fights, arguments and even legal issues that may arise, if you end up nicking someone else’s car or damaging someone’s property while parking your own.

Soon, with a lot of practice, your driving skills and judgement will improve, and you will be able to manage this task without the need of a proximity alert system. But until then, a parking sensor will help you park your car easily and safely. Get one for your car today!

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They say the roads are filled with amateur drivers. But you shouldn’t be required to risk your mental peace behind it all! An excellent Dashcam called DrivePro, made by the Taiwanese memory devices manufacturer Transcend, is taking a well-deserved place in cars now, providing much needed safety and protection to car users against the many dangers they might come across while on the road. Let’s explore this amazing device and find out just why it is becoming such a popular car accessory with auto lovers all over the world.

DrivePro is a flagship brand of Dashcam products offered by Transcend. The company has come out with various models and configurations of the device, allowing users to pick and choose the exact dashboard camera that will be suitable for their needs. The camera offers an extremely high video recording quality and reliable performance while being a sleek and discrete part of your automobile structure. Some models of DrivePro have also been made to be Wi-Fi capable and can even share live footage to your iOS or Android device, so you can always keep an eye on your car wherever you may be. The exceptional picture quality of this Dashcam holds true even in low light conditions, which means you will never miss out the evidence you will need to keep yourself protected in case of an accident.

But that is not the best part! The greatest achievement of Transcend DrivePro is its affordability. The manufacturer has packed a huge load of features into a neat little device that is pretty easy on the pocket of the buyer. The entire system is so easy to install that one can even manage it as a DIY project. And of course, the memory capabilities of the camera are unmatched – but that’s no surprise at all, considering the brand Transcend and its history of being a leading storage device manufacturer in the world.

All in all, the Transcend DrivePro Dashcam is a promising buy. If you are planning to get a dashboard camera for your automobile, this is one option that you should definitely be considering.

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Car mats are an important investment to make. You might not consider them as prominent means to enhance your car’s aesthetics but think for a minute – no matter how good your car looks from the outside, if its interiors have run-down and tatty matting, the entire feel of the vehicle will take on an air of dilapidation. Car matting serves as an affordable means to keep your vehicle looking neat and new from the inside while protecting its floor from direct dust, grime and damage. This blog post will provide you with the best options you can explore for buying car matting to fit your style and budget.

Carpet floor mats have the effect of lending a more classic style to a car’s interior, whilst still protecting the actual carpet of the car from dirt and other elements. These types of mats are available in various designs, which may be chosen to match the vehicle’s interiors and one’s personal aesthetic sensibilities. These mats are highly customizable but may trap dirt and grime quite easily, which means they will require frequent cleaning. They are, on the other hand, quite inexpensive when compared to other car matting options

The next option is the all-weather floor mat that has deeply carved channels designed to trap water, mud, road salt and sand. All-weather floor mats offer good protection. They are made from an advanced rubber designed to stay flexible even in the coldest of temperatures. They also feature a protective, non-stick finish to make cleaning quick and easy. However, these mats do not lend themselves as easily to customization as carpet floor mats. They happen to be quite user-friendly and easy on the pocket as well.

The option of buying novelty car matting is also available for those auto lovers and car owners who wish to move ahead and beyond the usual bland colors and designs. You can make various design and print changes in these mats and can even have them customized to fit your car’s specific requirements in case you have carried out some heavy modifications on your vehicle. These are, however, an expensive option to consider.

Hope the above information will help you in choosing the best car matting for your vehicle.

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For a pick-up truck owner, their vehicle is like a workhorse – they tend to end up being used more roughly and more extensively than your average sedan. And while these tough machines are designed to be mighty and mean, they also need a host of add-ons to make them more enjoyable and comfortable while driving. This is where pick-up trucks come into the picture – from special seat covers to bed liners and floors mats, they can play a huge role in making the vehicle more livable while maintaining its long-term value. Looking to make a similar purchase? Here are the top 5 tips that you should follow while buying pick-up truck accessories:

  • When buying the truck from the dealer, try and get the accessories you wish to buy be included as part of the total purchase package. This will help you in rolling the truck accessories cost into your financing, making the purchase a little lighter on your pocket.
  • Pick-up trucks tend to wind up in all kinds of messy places, be it an off-road track, a construction site, a muddy field or a mountain pass. Therefore, be ready to invest a good amount in top notch accessories that are high-quality, long lasting, easy to clean and resilient enough to take whatever abuse you will throw their way.
  • All exterior as well as interior accessories should be chosen in accordance with what you want your truck to look like. Whether you plan to make it look even more rugged than what it already is or you wish to take its overall appeal into the luxury realm, each pick-up truck accessory you choose should match that theme.
  • When buying aftermarket products, the key is knowing what fits what. Take the example of Chevy beds – a 1988 size and fit will work with all makes and models, as far up as 2006. The 2007 model, however, is completely different. You therefore, cannot simply measure the bed and buy a liner for it. The model and year of make of your pick-up is also an important aspect to factor into your purchase. Be sure you have considered all variables applicable to the pick-up truck accessory you wish to buy.
  • Just like any other purchase, warranties are an important part of pick-up truck accessories as well. They can give you a good idea about the quality of the item you are buying and act as a safeguard against unnecessary expenses resulting out of a faulty product. Make sure you consider available warranties when buying pick-up truck accessories.

Hope these pointers will help you in making a wise purchase decision. All the best!

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With the invention of Black Box, a lot many mysteries surrounding vehicular accidents around the world found a way towards unravelling. Especially when it came to plane crashes, black boxes came to be known as the Bible to answer all the questions. Today, the same concept is being applied to personal vehicles – cars, trucks, pick-ups, SUVs, etc. – in an attempt to make the world a little safer on the roads. This is accomplished by installation of “dashcams” – short for dashboard cameras – a device that records the activity of a vehicle as seen through the windscreen. It can help understand how accidents happen.

It totally makes sense to install a dashcam in your car this year, with so many good ones available out there. Here are the three best dashboard cameras for 2017.

Dashcam #3: The Transcend DrivePro 220 Dashcam

Based on the famed and highly-functional CMOS sensors, this power-packed camera with an inbuilt battery takes the prize over all others. With fully automated exposure settings, the high-quality, widescreen video from this camera will not disappoint you. It has a premium 130° wide angle lens that records a good field of vision.

Dashcam #2: The Pioneer DVR110 Dashcam

Sporting a super 150° wide angle view, there is hardly a lens around to match. A full high-definition recording of two million megapixels ensures that every minute detail of every driving second is recorded accurately. Its built-in microphone and speakers allow for a more interactive recording. Additional features include racing car cameras, 3D gravity sensor chip, collision detection, and emergency incidents and improved night visibility.

Dashcam #1: The HP f870g Dash Cam Full HD GPS

This feature-packed dashcam comes with an additional camera for the rear, also in HD (720p), so that you can keep a track on the activities going on at the back. Also equipped with GPS facilities, this camera is one of a kind and not to miss. The front camera records full HD videos to ensure you don’t miss a blink of the events happening on the windscreen.

Get yours today!

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It hurts so much when you realize that you’ve knocked over the parking meter while backing up your car…again. The pain is physical. And the other day you’d crushed your pet’s tail underneath while reversing your car…and the time before that you’d broken the curb. If you are a person who has set no limits to backing-up accidents, back-up cameras are here for your rescue. Here are three great tips for selecting back-up cameras for cars.

Tip #1: Assess what you own

If there is going to be a camera, there has to be a screen for you to view what the camera sends back to you. Where are you going to install this screen? If there is already a screen on your dashboard which can be tweaked to accept signals from the back-up camera, you’re good to go. If not, you can free up some space on the dashboard itself to mount a screen somewhere. It can be on top of it, or flush with it…whatever works. You will have to figure it out.

Tip #2: Assess what you need

The kind of back-up camera you need will depend on your driving lifestyle. Typically, if you frequently drive during low-light conditions, you will need a camera that can “see” well in low light. If you require guidance of parking lines, there are cameras that show them while backing into a parking. If you own pets and babies, it is recommended that you buy a camera with a really wide viewing angle to cover all your blind spots.

Tip #3: Assess what you can spend

Depending on how much paraphernalia is required to get your camera up and working, the costs can come to anywhere between $400-1,500. You don’t really need anything swanky with LED lights and musical beepers – just something that helps you park and get out safely would work as well.

Get yours today – even if you’re a naturally gifted, safe driver, get one for the sake of those who share your ride.

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Why it is Important to Install Parking Sensors

Parking sensors are useful devices that will help you have a safe drive. They allow you to safely park your vehicle in small spaces without worrying about bumping into something or hurting someone. A parking sensor is designed in order to warn you of other parked cars and objects in the way. It will also help detect if there are any low walls or children.

A parking sensor can help you become aware of objects that are out of your sight. These sensors often come in kits, and they can be easily installed and used. There is a wide range of options of parking sensors that you can choose from, and all you have to do is to pick one that will best suit your needs and requirements. What’s great about parking sensors is that they get activated the moment you reverse your car’s gear and start parking. It’s almost as if you have another pair of eyes looking at the back. Hence, you can prevent any potential collision and park with ease. Parking sensors come with an internal speaker to be placed in your car, and the sound from this speaker will increase in speed and frequency as your car approaches a certain object. It will have a continuous tone that will let you know whether you have successfully avoided whatever the sensor has detected.

There is no need to put extra holes in your vehicle just to install a parking sensor. It usually has a tiny, adhesive antenna that can be placed anywhere on the surface of your car. You also don’t have to use special tools for the installation. The only tools you’ll probably need are a crimp set, a screwdriver, and an adhesive tape. You can do the whole installation process on your own, and there should be no need for any professional assistance.

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