Top 3 Tips for Selecting the Best Dashboard Cameras

Dash cameras are increasingly becoming popular nowadays. These devices are relatively affordable, and yet they are able to provide quite a number of benefits for motorists. If you install a dash cam on your vehicle, you can rest assured that you have a backup if ever you get involved in an accident or if something unfortunate happens.

A dash cam’s recorded videos can show the exact thing that transpired in an incident, and can serve as evidence that would help authorities determine whose fault it is. There are plenty of choices for dash cams in the market now, which means that the selection process can be a bit confusing. If you are currently on a hunt for your dashboard camera, there a couple of things you should consider. Here are the top 3 tips for selecting the best one.

1.    Make sure that it has good video quality.

Fuzzy or blurry footages cannot serve as evidence in the event of an accident. Choose a camera that has a 720p or 1080p resolution. You should also be able to test the camera before purchasing it. Some brands may say that they have excellent video quality, but you wouldn’t know for sure unless you test the camera. You may also want to get dash a cam that can perform well even in low-light conditions.

2.    Look for one that has an efficient processor.

The quality of a dash cam’s processor would determine its ability to capture footages. An excellent processor can guarantee clearer images and videos even in fast-moving situations—all without hogging storage space.

3.    Decide on what design you want.

Smaller dash cams are better options if you want something that is not easily noticeable and would not distract you. The downside to smaller dash cams is that they typically do not have screens. While a screen feature may not be necessary for most motorists, it might be helpful for you.

Purchase a dash cam from a reputable seller that would allow you to test the item before buying. Look for a shop that has friendly and knowledgeable staff who can help you in making your choice.

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Why You Should Have a Car Dashboard Camera

Cameras have gone a long way from large, bulky box-like devices to smaller and compact video recorders you can take just about anywhere. There are specially designed cameras you can easily mount on your car’s dashboard, too. A car dashboard camera can be helpful to your driving experience. Dashboard cameras have become increasingly popular with drivers and car owners alike and their purpose is to record video and sounds as you drive. Also known as ‘dash cams’, their purpose is to carefully capture every detail that may occur inside the car and on the road. Some of them can be installed with additional technologies, too, like GPS and reliable recorders that can store hours of video footage. Here are some reasons why you should have one:

•    Hard evidence in case of an accident – A car dashboard camera can be a helpful witness in case you get into an accident, whether it was your fault or not. You want to be able to provide reliable evidence to the authorities in case the other party involved in the accident attempts to blame you or make stories up that could put you into a further predicament.

•    Get unlawful acts by authorities on camera – Sometimes, there are dishonest traffic enforcers and police officers who may pull you over for no apparent reason, only to find out that they will let you off if you give them some form of monetary compensation. Your dash cam should be helpful in recording the act, so you can escalate the case to their bosses.

•    Find out who has vandalized or damaged your car – You leave your car parked for a while and upon your return, it has been vandalized or scratched or damaged. A high-end car dashboard camera will not stop recording, even if your vehicle is parked. Hence, it should be able to capture and record the incident when it occurred.

•    Avoid fraudulent acts by pedestrians and other drivers – A dash cam will be helpful in the event that you get into an accident with a pedestrian or another driver, especially when someone purposely runs into your car and pretend to be hurt so they can scam you.

•    Study the road – A car dashboard camera is not only helpful in documenting accidents and protecting you from fraudulent acts. It can be helpful when you are traveling down unfamiliar roads. Your camera might be able to capture amazing scenery along the way or help you understand the path you took.

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Finding the Best Transcend Dashcam Online in the Philippines

Dashboard cameras are all the rage these days as they help drivers record every detail of their trip and work as deterrent against corruption from traffic enforcers and the police. In some cases, they may serve as reliable ‘witnesses’ to accidents and crimes on the street. Hence, it makes perfect sense to have one in your car. However, do not just settle for any dash cam. Always go for a high-quality dashboard camera offered by reputable brands like Transcend, particularly the DrivePro.

Transcend DrivePro is a state-of-the-art dashboard camera that is compact and non-obtrusive, so you can easily mount it on your dashboard and not worry about it obstructing your view. DrivePro comes in many models, and they vary in terms of price and features. Of course, the more features the camera has, the higher the price. However, you should be able to buy high-end Transcend DrivePro dash cams at reasonable prices from a reputable and authorized car accessories retailer in the Philippines. The best place to get started in finding the best Transcend DrivePro is online. Leading car accessories retailers in the Philippines have secure online stores where you can compare their selection of Transcend DrivePro dashboard cameras and buy directly from them.

If you are looking for a good dashboard camera that can do the basics, consider Transcend DrivePro 100. It comes with a built-in battery, so it will continue recording in case of a power failure. Wide angle six glass lenses can easily capture snapshots day and night, and the full HD footage can be displayed on a 2.4-inch color LCD screen. If you have some additional money to spare, you may want to consider higher-end models like the DrivePro 220 and 520, both of which are equipped with a suction mount. Transcend DrivePro 220 is a video recorder capable of emergency recording and GPS receiving, and it comes with safety features like a speed alarm, forward collision warning system, and lane departure warning system. DrivePro 520 can record clear full HD 1080P (30 frames per second) videos. The rear lens can rotate 180 degrees and comes with infrared LEDs to enable recording in low light or at night.

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Finding the Best Options for Car security film

Car security films are the most understated security components in a car that provide a major security shield. These products when applied to car windows provide greater privacy and protection. Many car owners opt for car films to enhance the looks of the car.

While looking for car security film, one has to look out for these main features of the film:
1.    Heat protection
2.    Glare reflection
3.    Visibility
4.    Affordability
5.    Aesthetic appearance
6.    Stable opacity
Of late, there are innumerable options to choose from depending on the type of protection required

•    Nanotech reflective films
These are made with Nano polymer technology to offer optimal heat rejection and clarity. It is the best choice for those concerned with looks as it gives a sleek appearance.
•    Lumar window films
They are good quality films that enhance the appearance of the vehicle. The films come with a patented scratch resistant coating making it maintenance free.
•    Nanotech automotive security film
It is the best security film to prevent theft, and to keep shattered glass together. It increases the amount of time and resistance to any theft attempt offering maximum security.
•    Black chrome by 3M
Mainly for heat and glare rejection. Since it uses a metalized film technology, wireless signals can be disturbed. It is one of the base models that new owners usually opt for.
•    FX ST by 3m
It is one of the most affordable options that provides significant heat rejection with a choice of many colors, which help in matching the color of the vehicle.
•    Nanotech charcoal films
These are formulated with ceramic technology and do not resemble traditional dark security films. It is technologically advanced, providing sleek looks while at the same time, offers protection from infra-red heat. This is achieved without compromising on visibility.
•    Nanotech clear sky series
This security film uses one of the most advanced technologies rendering very high performance and maximum heat protection. It allows maximum visible light and thus highest clarity in comparison to other films in the market
•    Nanotech VIP series
A statement car security film offering best color stability and looks that will never fade with time. It is an affordable option offering superior glare reduction.
These films have unique features offering good quality protection for the car. Cars that sport films get an enhanced esthetic appearance.  The films also serve as useful defense in situations such as theft while also helping to limit the damage.

Tramigo Tracking Devices: The 5 Best Uses

Vehicle tracking devices have gained popularity because they offer great safety along with many other additional features. The GPS tracking devices are small but powerful gadgets that can track the exact location of a person or object.

Businesses where the owner has to keep tabs on a fleet of vehicles reap great benefits by using tracking devices. They can raise the bar for managing deliveries, averting potentially dangerous situations, and tracking any unusual behavior like speeding, detours, etc.

Tramigo has a range of tracking devices that combine GPS, GSM, and TLD into one device. Tramigo uses GPS satellites to position itself resulting in very accurate positioning. It then finds the closest TLD (Tramigo Landmark Data) site from its internal memory to that point and sends the information across to any authorized mobile phone as a text message using the GSM network.

Unregistered users and users with inadequate security will not receive any response from the Tramigo Tracking Device. This prevents unauthorized access to your location. You, as an owner, can set a password that can be used to re-register if your phone is lost. Tramigo Tracking Devices also include an external panic button for installations where security is a major area of concern.

Five best uses of Tramigo tracking devices are listed here.

•    Tracking: Tramigo Tracking Device enables you to enjoy full control over your vehicle even when you are out of the office or offline. You do not even need maps to understand the location of your vehicle as that is taken care of by Tramigo Tracking Device.

•    Monitor Fuel Use: You can get the data on fuel levels at regular intervals. This helps you keep track of the amount of fuel that you are left with.

•    Security: In the event of an attempted theft, you will be the first to know, locate, listen in and even cut off the vehicle power directly from your mobile device with the help of motion sensing, ignition detection and power cut alarm.

•    Control Breakdown Time: In order to minimize wastage of precious time, you can have access to the position and the health of the vehicle break down making it easy for you to address the issue and attend to your vehicle with efficiency. This is especially important for businesses dealing with delivery of goods and services since downtime directly translates to loss.

•    Monitor Speed: Tramigo Tracking Device helps you observe bad driving habits by monitoring speed, engine idling and unauthorized trips that would otherwise cost your business valuable time and money.

Tips to Install an Appropriate Car Security Film

Buying a new car is always exciting but it is important to make your car truly ‘yours.’ People customize their cars with stickers and other types of accessories. Some of them are purely aesthetic, while others provide their users with utility as well.

Window tints or security films are one of the car accessories that provide users with looks and utility at the same time. It is one of the few accessories that you can buy without spending too much money and add-ons. It is simple and yet enhances the look of your beloved vehicle while offering security and safety simultaneously.

Before installing the car window security films, you should understand what type of film can offer you security with sufficient visibility. There are certain laws and regulations also about the car security films and it will not be practical to use a film that completely blocks the visibility.

The first and foremost thing is that you should not prefer cheap window films that are just plastic sheets with adhesive. A good quality window film may or may not be too visible but it has the ability to block the UV radiation and heat. Good quality window films also come with a manufacturer warranty that can range from one to five years. That means good quality window films can last longer than you would expect.

When it comes to the installation of window films you should always look for professional help. Car window films generally come as big sheets that need to be cut down according to the shape and size of your car window. Such things are not expected to be done by everyone. Professionals know their job and they can prepare the window film exactly matching your needs. However, the installation of car window films does not require the use of any special tools other than plastic spudgers but it should be done carefully as a slight uneven or wrong movement of the hand can spoil all the hard work.

While installing the window films, the sheets must be spread carefully on the glass else it might have air bubbles which can cause the film to peel off from one side or another. Professionals generally have enough experience in installing window films and you should only take your car to the auto shops that specialize in window tinting. They can also tell you about various measures to take good care of your window films.

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Benefits of Updating your Car with Security Films

Contrary to perception that security films only bring tint to windows, car security films offer manifold protection to occupants and durables inside cars. An increasing number of incidences of theft of valuables from cars have been attributed to smashing and grabbing. It is possible to prevent or secure the occupants or valuables through a coat of security film. Here is a brief on security films and the benefits your car will receive.

Cutting out harmful infra-red heat and ultra violet rays
A security film with the right percentage of tint blocks out the harmful effects of sunlight, while affording complete and unhindered visibility through the glass. One of the effects of the deteriorating environment has been globally warmer temperatures. A tinted glass can save on air conditioning bills by keeping the interiors protected from heat radiation. By also keeping out IR and UV rays from the interiors, the occupants are protected.

Rendering smashing of car windows difficult and pre-empting thefts
A nano technology security film will add a protective layer to the car windows making it difficult for thieves to smash through. All evidence points to the fact that the majority of thefts have occurred wherein the thief smashes and quickly retrieves valuables before making a getaway. A protective film will make it a lot more difficult for a thief to smash through. As the alarms goes on, thieves generally drop the idea of theft if chances of succeeding quickly are dim.

Protection from shattering and flying shards
At times, certain impacts may result in the car window glasses shattering. This could pose a serious risk because of flying shards of glass.  Security films incorporating nano technology offer a protective layer bonded to the glass that prevents shattered glass from flying around. The threshold levels of the impact that the car window glasses can withstand depends on the quality of film based on risk assessment.

Security films offer discreet protection. Without affecting the appearance of cars, these films lend security and protection to occupants. As visual appeal of cars remains an area of concern for all improvisations, it is heartening that security films do not play spoilsport with the overall appearance. Available in colors that blend with naturally accepted colors of glasses, these films are definitely a must for all who value their safety, privacy and health.

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