Tinting Your Car Can Be a Great Deal This Summer

There is really no definite best or worst time for car tinting. For most car owners, anytime their car window films start to peel makes for a good time to consider reworking their tint. This states, it is not uncommon to see greater demand for auto tinting services during the summer season, when the weather can get unbearably warm and the sun can be quite unforgiving. It is also a popular time for holidays, making long road trips more frequent and the need for a more comfortable vehicle, more fervent. This demand also results in greater deals offered by car tinting companies and shops that sell and install tinting films.

Updating your car’s window tint can be beneficial not only for aesthetic, but also for comfort and other practical purposes. Window films not only help keep sunlight and glare from directly hitting the eyes—they also help protect car occupants from the heat and the harmful UV radiation coming from the sun and warming up the car’s interior. The right window film also helps strengthen windows and windshields, reducing the risk of impact damage and theft. Darker tints also increase your car’s privacy and serve as a great deterrents for thieves.

Professional car tinting is an excellent investment for your car’s safety, comfort, and style. While the summer season is a good time to have your car windows tinted, auto tinting is a year-round service you can get anytime your car needs an upgrade. Seasons with lower humidity levels also make ideal times for installing window films as they help ensure proper adhesion. Summer’s hot air, on the other hand, help tints to cure faster, although installation can be a bit of a challenge because of the high humidity. However, shops that install car films in climate-controlled environments never have to deal with these issues, making car tinting possible any time of the year.


Some Car Accessories to Add Style and Class to Your Ride

Car owners treat their vehicles as an extension of themselves, picking out models and makes that reflect their taste, personality, and style, on the top of fulfilling their transport needs. The same principles apply to sprucing up a car with some nice add-ons to enhance its style and functionality. Car accessories are great tools for reinventing your car and making it your own and below are incredible options you can choose from to add spunk to your vehicle:

  • Ditch your in-built stereo system for something more suited to your discerning music taste and built for the digital age. A digital upgrade to your sound system might just be to level up your car needs and make it more in-style. Digital-ready car audio systems are among the most in-demand car accessories today, providing users with multiple ways to plug in or connect their digital devices so as to access their favorite music, podcasts, and entertainment via their car’s dashboard system. Not only do digital-ready car audio systems make connectivity easier, they also eliminate all the clutter caused by outdated sound systems.
  • A dashboard organizer is also one of the most practical car accessories you can invest in, especially when you like keeping things in sight while driving. Dashboard grip pads and similar types of products are great accessories one can have for keeping your phone, keys, loose change, and papers securely in place on your dashboard while driving.
  • Once that new car smell dissipates, you are often left with unwanted odors that are often difficult to find the source of. Instead of masking them with funky air fresheners, why not choose one that helps eliminate odors by absorbing them? Modern car air fresheners offer this option so you can say goodbye to foul smells for good and reclaim that new car freshness everyone loves. Nothing says style and class better than a great-smelling car.


A tracking device enables you to locate your vehicles or any other assets and ensure its safety in an effective manner. There are several tracking devices available in the market and it may seem to you that all the devices perform the same function of locating your vehicle. Yes, it is true, but a quality and efficient tracking device can make a lot more difference with its enhanced features that make the whole tracking process simpler and hazel free. One such device is the Tramigo tracking device that takes pride in its excellent features and the benefits it yields the user. Hence here is the insight of a tracking device from Tramigo.

As other tracking devices, Tramigo also helps you to locate your vehicle through GPS location and set alarms for speed, geofencing or motion detection. The uniqueness of the device lies in the fact that it has some features that are very much user-friendly. Tramigo trackers can be accessed anywhere at any time, even without an internet connection. This is made possible by providing you with complete mobile software, where you receive SMS regarding the updates on the tracking function to your mobile phone, even in the void of the internet. Most of the tracking device comes with the poor user interface, providing complicated commands for merely fetching a location, while you can receive simple texts in the language of your choice regarding the location using Tramigo. The most exclusive feature of this tracking device is that it uses the TLD landmarks that enables the translation of GPS coordinates to the location name that you can easily understand and communicate too. Thus, wholly satisfying the concept of user-friendliness.

Tramigo is renowned for its reliability and aftermarket support providing 24 hours customer support like no other manufacturers. Moreover, it does not burden you with monthly charges or license payments, the only amount incurred by you would be that of the mobile operator’s normal price for SMS or GPRS data sent. These salient features make Tramigo undoubtedly the best and the most effective tracking device.

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Too many auto lovers and car drivers do not understand the true purpose and utility of fog lights. Most people think the obvious is the only purpose that these lights serve – to provide illumination in foggy conditions. Their actual application however, is far more massive and a lot more practical. Let’s see how you can improve your driving visibility with fog lights.

Their utility

Fog lights are there to improve your driving visibility in very specific conditions – when the atmosphere around you is highly reflective and your regular headlamps may actually be blinding you instead of providing illumination for the road. This can be during foggy conditions, during heavy rains and snow or driving in a snowy area where the angle of your regular headlamps is causing the light to reflect back at you, causing a total white-out. Many drivers cause the situation to get from bad to worse by flicking the lights from dipped to full – doubling the amount of glare being reflected back at them. These are the situations when fog lights can come in handy.

Their positioning

Flog lights are generally mounted lower down on the front of your car and are designed to cast a wider yet shorter beam of light. This simple change ensures that the light they produce is reflected in a lesser amount back at you, therefore improving your visibility and letting you see objects that are further away from your car. With the car’s regular headlights turned off and the light illumination from your fog lamps remaining low, the backscatter of light coming off the fog or snow is more or less eliminated, allowing you to see the road ahead of you much more clearly.

Their usage

Many people tend to make the mistake of turning on their fog lights in addition to their regular headlights under the impression that the former is a means to allow others on the road to see you through the thick fog. You can see as explained above, that is NOT the actual purpose of fog lights and you will only cause even more light to reflect back towards your eyes rather, making driving difficult. You are therefore, advised to use only your fog lights in tough visibility conditions and refrain from turning on your car’s regular headlamps.

All in all, fog lights are a must have car accessory for people who have to deal with difficult weather conditions while on the road. If you live in or are visiting a place where snow, fog or heavy rain is a definite possibility, getting fog lamps for your car is an essential precaution. You will definitely appreciate the driving visibility difference that they will create.

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Carryboy Accessories for Luxury and Relaxation

Carryboy is the world’s leading brand of fiberglass canopy & auto accessories that are suitable for 4×2 and 4×4 version. These accessories will assure you that your pickup truck is functional and stylish.

Carryboy accessories are meticulously made. Each department’s operation is supervised by a specialist. The brand’s factory also makes use of the most modern technology in order to reinforce the standards of production. The products are made with specially designed equipment, and are made of quality materials in order to yield the most durable accessories for your vehicle. The brand is registered in more than 83 countries. It also has more than 21 international patents, and more that 400 design-patented items.

Among the products that Carryboy is known for is the utility box. The Carryboy utility box allows you to enjoy the best of both worlds, as it is able to provide you with space for storing and organizing your vehicle while making sure that it is securely locked up. There are a few types of utility boxes that are specially designed for specific truck models, and that serve specific purposes that will meet your needs. You can choose from the latest models that come in various styles, sizes, and finish options. What’s great about these utility boxes is that they are simple to install and they are custom-fit for Toyota Hilux Revo, Isuzu D-Max, Nissan Navara, Form Ranger, and other vehicle models.

Another Carryboy product that will be a great addition to your vehicle is the roof rack or cargo basket. This product will give you more space, comfort, and convenience. There are many styles that you can choose from, which would let you transform your vehicle for work or adventure.

If you are looking to buy Carryboy accessories in Metro Manila, make sure to purchase from reputable and authentic shops that offer quality products and top-class services. Some of the best shops where you can buy Carryboy products can be found in Makati and Paranaque.

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