With the invention of Black Box, a lot many mysteries surrounding vehicular accidents around the world found a way towards unravelling. Especially when it came to plane crashes, black boxes came to be known as the Bible to answer all the questions. Today, the same concept is being applied to personal vehicles – cars, trucks, pick-ups, SUVs, etc. – in an attempt to make the world a little safer on the roads. This is accomplished by installation of “dashcams” – short for dashboard cameras – a device that records the activity of a vehicle as seen through the windscreen. It can help understand how accidents happen.

It totally makes sense to install a dashcam in your car this year, with so many good ones available out there. Here are the three best dashboard cameras for 2017.

Dashcam #3: The Transcend DrivePro 220 Dashcam

Based on the famed and highly-functional CMOS sensors, this power-packed camera with an inbuilt battery takes the prize over all others. With fully automated exposure settings, the high-quality, widescreen video from this camera will not disappoint you. It has a premium 130° wide angle lens that records a good field of vision.

Dashcam #2: The Pioneer DVR110 Dashcam

Sporting a super 150° wide angle view, there is hardly a lens around to match. A full high-definition recording of two million megapixels ensures that every minute detail of every driving second is recorded accurately. Its built-in microphone and speakers allow for a more interactive recording. Additional features include racing car cameras, 3D gravity sensor chip, collision detection, and emergency incidents and improved night visibility.

Dashcam #1: The HP f870g Dash Cam Full HD GPS

This feature-packed dashcam comes with an additional camera for the rear, also in HD (720p), so that you can keep a track on the activities going on at the back. Also equipped with GPS facilities, this camera is one of a kind and not to miss. The front camera records full HD videos to ensure you don’t miss a blink of the events happening on the windscreen.

Get yours today!

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It hurts so much when you realize that you’ve knocked over the parking meter while backing up your car…again. The pain is physical. And the other day you’d crushed your pet’s tail underneath while reversing your car…and the time before that you’d broken the curb. If you are a person who has set no limits to backing-up accidents, back-up cameras are here for your rescue. Here are three great tips for selecting back-up cameras for cars.

Tip #1: Assess what you own

If there is going to be a camera, there has to be a screen for you to view what the camera sends back to you. Where are you going to install this screen? If there is already a screen on your dashboard which can be tweaked to accept signals from the back-up camera, you’re good to go. If not, you can free up some space on the dashboard itself to mount a screen somewhere. It can be on top of it, or flush with it…whatever works. You will have to figure it out.

Tip #2: Assess what you need

The kind of back-up camera you need will depend on your driving lifestyle. Typically, if you frequently drive during low-light conditions, you will need a camera that can “see” well in low light. If you require guidance of parking lines, there are cameras that show them while backing into a parking. If you own pets and babies, it is recommended that you buy a camera with a really wide viewing angle to cover all your blind spots.

Tip #3: Assess what you can spend

Depending on how much paraphernalia is required to get your camera up and working, the costs can come to anywhere between $400-1,500. You don’t really need anything swanky with LED lights and musical beepers – just something that helps you park and get out safely would work as well.

Get yours today – even if you’re a naturally gifted, safe driver, get one for the sake of those who share your ride.

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Why it is Important to Install Parking Sensors

Parking sensors are useful devices that will help you have a safe drive. They allow you to safely park your vehicle in small spaces without worrying about bumping into something or hurting someone. A parking sensor is designed in order to warn you of other parked cars and objects in the way. It will also help detect if there are any low walls or children.

A parking sensor can help you become aware of objects that are out of your sight. These sensors often come in kits, and they can be easily installed and used. There is a wide range of options of parking sensors that you can choose from, and all you have to do is to pick one that will best suit your needs and requirements. What’s great about parking sensors is that they get activated the moment you reverse your car’s gear and start parking. It’s almost as if you have another pair of eyes looking at the back. Hence, you can prevent any potential collision and park with ease. Parking sensors come with an internal speaker to be placed in your car, and the sound from this speaker will increase in speed and frequency as your car approaches a certain object. It will have a continuous tone that will let you know whether you have successfully avoided whatever the sensor has detected.

There is no need to put extra holes in your vehicle just to install a parking sensor. It usually has a tiny, adhesive antenna that can be placed anywhere on the surface of your car. You also don’t have to use special tools for the installation. The only tools you’ll probably need are a crimp set, a screwdriver, and an adhesive tape. You can do the whole installation process on your own, and there should be no need for any professional assistance.

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Tramigo Tracking Device – Helping Auto Dealers and Fleet Owners

Vehicle tracking devices are now becoming more and more popular because of the safety that they offer as well as other useful features that they have. These devices are compact yet powerful, and they can locate the exact whereabouts of an object or a person. A tracking device is especially helpful for fleet owners and auto dealers since they can help manage deliveries, avoid situations that are potentially dangerous, and discover unusual behaviors such as detours, speeding, and others. Tramigo is a brand that offers tracking devices that feature TLD, GSM, and GPS all in a single device. Tramigo positions itself by using GPS satellites that allow for a very accurate positioning. Here are the ways by which a Tramigo tracking device can help your business:

1.Tracking – Even if you are offline or you are not in the office, a Tramigo Tracking device will still let you fully control your company vehicles or delivery trucks. There is no need for maps to know your vehicle’s location since your Tramigo tracking device will already take care of that for you.

2.Security – If an attempted theft occurs, you’ll be the first one to be notified about it, and you will get to listen in, locate, and even cut off power in your vehicle. With the help of ignition detection, motion sensing, and power cut alarm, you can secure your vehicle from your mobile device.

3.Monitor Fuel Use – The Tramigo tracking device can give you data regarding fuel levels on a regular schedule. This will allow you to keep track of how much fuel you have left.

4.Monitor Speed – It is important to know about any bad driving habits of your drivers. With Tramigo, you have the chance to observe them by monitoring speed, unauthorized trips, and engine idling that may cost your business some serious money and time.

When looking for a Tramigo tracking device, it is advisable that you check out online shops since they usually offer the best deals. However, make sure that you go for a retailer that offers genuine items at reasonable prices.

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GPS Navigator – You Will Not Get Lost

A GPS navigation system is an essential tool for any car owner who loves to travel or is always on the go. It is fast becoming a part of the standard equipment set for any automobile. If your vehicle is not equipped with this essential device, don’t worry—
aftermarket units are readily available, and they don’t have to be expensive.

The GPS system was originally developed for use by the United States military to locate and track military assets, but it was allowed for civilian use by the United States government in the 1980’s. Though the GPS satellite data is actually free and works anywhere in the world, the GPS device itself and its associated software must be purchased.

A GPS navigation system is an ideal device for those who drive to new and unfamiliar places regularly. With the aid of GPS, you can discover any destination—whether it be a city, a particular address, or a new restaurant—with a simple tap on the screen. Advanced GPS systems can even allow you to program your auto GPS route framework to notify you when you’re rolling over or visiting a rest stop, an ATM machine, or any other pre-planned destination.

Many vehicle manufacturers today offer a GPS navigation device as an added option in their vehicles. For customers whose vehicles did not ship with GPS from the factory can purchase and retrofit their cars with an original factory-supplied GPS unit, or a compatible or universal third-party device. In most cases these do not require special installations and can be a straightforward “plug-and-play” addition to your car if the required wiring harness is already present in the vehicle. Most third-party GPS devices often require basic skills and are simple to install, making them a great addition for older vehicles that do not have a built in GPS system.

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Top 4 Tips for Selecting the Best Dashboard Cameras

More and more car owners are using dashboard cameras nowadays because of the practicality of these devices. They can provide a number of benefits for drivers—and the good news is that they have become relatively affordable. With a dash cam installed, you can have the peace of mind of having a reliable ‘witness’ in the event that you find yourself involved in an accident.

The recorded footages of a dash cam serve as concrete proofs of what really happened in a particular incident. It can also serve as evidence that will help authorities in determining who’s at fault. There are a lot of choices for dashboard cameras now, which may make it a little confusing to find the best one. To help you decide, here are the top tips for selecting the best dashboard cameras:

1. Video quality is important.

Go for a resolution of 720p or 1080p. Test the camera before making your purchase because it’s the only way for you to actually make sure that a certain brand’s claims of ‘excellent video quality’ are true. For the best recording abilities, go for a cam that can record clear images even in low-light conditions.

2. The dash cam’s processor must be efficient.

A dash cam’s ability to capture images and videos can be determined by the quality of its processor. Look for a cam with an excellent processor is important especially if you wish to save on storage space and guarantee vivid images and videos even in fast-moving situations.

3. Choose a design that suits your preferences.

If you want a dashboard camera that is not easily noticeable and unobtrusive, get a smaller model. However, the disadvantage to small dash cams is that they usually don’t have screens.

4. Consider your budget.

If you are on a limited budget, it may be best to buy at an online store that specializes in selling car accessories. The most reputable online car accessories shops in the Philippines will be able to offer your high-quality products at the most reasonable prices.

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The Best GPS For Car – 3 Tips for Using GPS Tracking for Cars

Two main parts make up a GPS tracking device: the tracking device itself and the interface device. To use this gadget, you will have to install the tracking device in your car, and then download the user interface on your computer, smart phone, or tablet. This will enable you to track your car and know its exact whereabouts from your computer.

A GPS tracking device works by using geostationary positioning satellites to give you information. Because of this technology, you will know the speed, location, and direction of your car. The brand, quality, and price of your GPS tracking device are important considerations since these are where the durability and features of the device will depend on.

Once you have your tracker, you will naturally want to maximize its utility. Here are 3 tips for using GPS tracking for your car:

1.You may use it to help you with business operations.

GPS tracking devices are useful for business owners because they can help you manage your delivery network. It will let you know the exact location of your drivers at any given time. You can also monitor your shipment and deliveries with the help of this gadget.

2.Use it to ensure the safety of your family.

If you can’t always be with your kids or can’t fetch them from school, you can just use a GPS tracking device to keep tabs on them. You can also use a GPS tracking device to monitor the driving speed and location of your older children, too.

3.Use it to retrieve a stolen car.

In the event that your car gets stolen (but hopefully it won’t), a GPS tracking device will let you know where it is and also give a hint on the whereabouts of the thief. The trick here is to keep the tracking device in a hidden place. When it comes to some legal issues, you can also use the GPS tracker as a material evidence.
When looking for GPS tracking devices in the Philippines, be sure to purchase from a reputable store that offers high-quality products and the best deals. The best shops here in the Philippines also have online stores for your convenience.

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